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The greatest escape game ever!

If App Store has 6 stars Ill absolutely give the game a 6 stars review, this is the most amazing escape game I had played ever, worth it! MUST BUY!

I love the challenge!

I hadnt played in a while, but when I picked it back up, I blasted through it til I was finished! On to Room 3! Please keep making more.

As good as a first one

You will definitely not regret it:)


Just finish this game. The Room series has no competition in this space. Absolute perfection from design, to execution. Fireproof should be very proud of their titles. Absolute no brainier purchase!!!

Small issue in the lab

This is such a great game. Best puzzle series I have seen so far. Small issue: The lasers lag heavily on an iPad Pro. I cannot aim anywhere accurately. Other than that, the storyline and the puzzles are very worth it.

Best of iOS

One of the best iOS games available.


Once you start its hard to quit until youre done,great game.

They keep getting better!

Great game! Now on to three

Good follow the path

Not much flexibility on order, but the puzzles are engaging fun and challenging.

If you like puzzles...

Id bought this game when it first came out and I finally got a chance to play it last week. If you like puzzles, this is the series for you. It is fantastic! Already on The Room 3 and so far, liking that one too.

Loved it!

Playing this with my 10yo son. We are enjoying working together to solve the puzzles. He is actually doing better than I am! I already downloaded The Room 3 and he is working on it. Cant wait for The Room 4!!!

Super exciting!

This is by far the best game I have played so are phenomenal.

Room 2

Fantastic puzzle-makes you think out of the box at every turn


Nice puzzles with just the right amount of hint available if you get stuck.


Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Thanks to all the people involved in creating it!!!

Mystically, Magical, Mesmerizing

What a lot of fun! This games graphics are so captivating it keeps you engrossed and anticipating what will happen next. Wished the game could keep going on, sorry to have escaped. The darkness does add to the fun, but is a bit hard on these old eyes. I eagerly await "The Room 3".


This game is so well done and addictive!


These games are absolutely amazing!! I want more!!

Beautiful, well-designed

Gorgeous graphics create a captivating game experience. Puzzles are challenging but fair. Hints dont give away too much too soon, but will move you on if you are truly stuck. Recommended!

A game for puzzle solvers!

So interesting, entertaining, and subtle. Turn off all the hints and trust your mind. Enjoy being perplexed!

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